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Two Sisters At Once

I’ve always had a fantasy of fucking sisters and siblings so when I saw these images of two sisters fucking an older man as they filmed each other, I had to find out where that came from and after a little research, I found the images and film on a sister smut site called Bring Me Your Sister. I also found a free sister smut gallery of the same two sisters, Maxi junk in the trunk and Blaze Burnz, getting naked and having sex with the old bastard. It all started when the younger sister, Maxi, used the older sister’s stage name at the strip club they worked at – Blaze was pissed so she pimped her little sister out in her first-ever hardcore sister smut film – and then joined in.

Blaze films her sister maxi getting her pussy eaten

Blaze vids her sister maxi getting her coochy eaten

Both tattooed sister’s have sexy light, almost blonde, brunette hair, sexy smiles, firm asses, itty bitty pointy hooters,  and sexy shaved cunts with Blaze having a few more tattoos and piercings than her little sister Maxi. It’s also obvious that both sisters love sex and that this probably isn’t the first, or last, time that the sisters have sex together. That said, it wasn’t long and both sisters were naked on the couch an waiting their turn to get fucked – filming their sister as that waited.

Blaze films her sister getting fucked

Blaze vids her sister getting fucked

It was soon the older sister’s turn to get fucked so handing the camera to her little sister, Maxi got on her knees and took it doggie-style as her sister ran the camera. You can tell how petite Blaze really is in when you see her taking the old man fro behind – fabulous how much of a turn-on it is to watch these two sisters making porn.

Maxi films her sister getting fucked from behind

Maxi vids her sister getting fucked from behind

The full film and a complete photo gallery are available for download here.

I Fucked The Old Bastard Again

I know – when I told you about my first experience on camera I was complaining about my brother pimping me out to the old bastard that runs Bring Me Your Sister but to tell the truth, I really liked being in front of the camera – even if my own brother was just inches away from my unclothed shaved coochy with a camera as the old man fucked me harder than I think I’ve ever been fucked before. The old man sure liked me – I mean I have awesome natural boobies, a sweet little coochy and I enjoy sucking penis so here I am again – in front of the camera for the 2nd time, getting my colossal natural fun bags mangled, my little coochy stuffed by an older man, and having another on-camera orgasm as my brother videos it all.

Sabina Sweet

Sabina Sweet Climaxes As Her Brother videos Her Fucking

I think I like this porno thing – it only sucks that my brother took all the bucks. Next time I’m fucking the old man, I’m keeping the bucks. You can see the free films or download the entire scene on Bring Me Your Sister.

Jager Nightly – First Immense Meat

Jager Nightly showed up on the door of Bring Me Your Sister with no idea that she would be doing her porno audition but 20 minutes later she’s doing her best to wrap her lips around her first throbbing fat dick as her brother vids it all. And unmarred enough, this skinny black teenager was able to take most of the old man’s white dick in both her mouth and her sweet little cooder. But it took a while. ;)

Jager Nightly Sucking Her First Big Cock xxxp sisp oldny interracial sbj bfc nnts bnts eighteen shaved

Jager Nightly Sucking Her First giant Cock

The skinny black teenager braced herself as the old white guy pressed his huge dick against her quivering cooder – never in her life had she see a dick so colossal and she wasn’t entirely sure the old man’s huge white dick would fit in her itty bitty cooder – but she spread her slender legs and let the old man place the tip of his boner against the pink warmth of her coed cooder. Her brother filmed it all and you can see his film on Bring Me Your Sister.

Jager Nightly Ready For Her First Big Cock

Jager Nightly Ready For Her First giant Cock

As the old man slowly presses his fat dick deeper into the teenager’s itty bitty cooder the skinny teenager prepares for the worst – see her cherry popped on Bring Me Your Sister

Jager Nightly - First Big Cock

Jager Nightly – First giant Cock

But she pressed on and soon the skinny black teenager was riding the old white man’s throbbing dick – her wetness dripping down his fully erect shaft as she slid on an off oh his huge dick, her first-rate butt moving in rhythm with the old man’s thrusts………

Jager Nightly Lowers Her Sweet Pussy Onto Her First Thick Cock

Jager Nightly Lowers Her Sweet cooder Onto Her First Thick Cock

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